Back to school

16 July, 2021

As a new school year looms closer, as does the crippling fear of spending a fortune on brand new supplies that your child supposedly has to have.

A Credit Union loan can make back to school time less testing on your finances.

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Back to school survey results

(This year’s ILCU research on Back to School costs)

  • Parents now spending €1,491 per secondary school child – up €24 on last year
  • At primary school level, spending has increased by €63
  • Back to school costs still a challenge for parents with 63% of parents finding it a financial burden
  • A quarter of parents (24%) are getting into debt to cover the costs of back to school with 21% having debts over €500
  • The average debt parents find themselves in is €336
  • 65% of parents believe that schools don’t do enough to help keep the costs of going back to school down
  • 71% of schools still seeking a “voluntary contribution”
  • 65% of parents say that that home-schooling and lockdowns had a negative effect on their child’s overall educational performance

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