Members Monthly Cash Draw Guide

15 July, 2021

At NRCU on the very first Friday of each month we host a monthly cash draw for our members that have signed up for it!

What can you win?

  • Top prize of €10,000
  • Second prize €4000
  • 6 prizes of  €1000

(Yes every month we have 8 winners!)

Who can sign up for it?

  • Participation in the draw is strictly limited to eligible members
    of NRCU who are 18 years of age or over on or before the draw

How do you sign up for the draw?

  • Once you are on our website and go the “Downloads” section or click the following link Downloads
  • Scroll down until you find “Members Monthly Draw Entry Form”, download the form or click the link here
  • Once you have downloaded the form and read all the terms and conditions, print out the form
  • Fill it out
  • Drop it in to one of our branches
  • You’re in !!

The form looks like this 

How much does this Cost?

The entrance fee of €57.00 per annum will be deducted in advance
from members shares on the 31st of October annually or pro rata.


An entrance fee of €5.00 per month on the last day of each
month will be deducted in advance from members shares

How do you leave the draw?

The form looks like this

Please note:

A member will be ineligible
to enter the draw if they have less than €11.00 in their share
account at the time of deduction. Where this arises, the member
concerned will be automatically excluded from that months draw
and any subsequent draw where the balance in their share
account is below €11.00.