Complaints Form
Complaints form - New Ross Credit Union Ltd - NRCU

Please read the attached Complaints Procedure before completing this form.

To:    The Credit Union Complaints Sub-Committee

Name/address of Complainant: ___________________________________________


Membership No. of Complainant: _________________

  1. Payment Services Directive Complaint? Y / N (Please indicate)
  2. Data Protection Complaint? Y / N (Please indicate)
    • If Y indicated in point 2, have you lodged your Complaint with the Data Protection Commission (DPC)? Y / N (Please indicate)












——————————————–(Continue on the back of this sheet if necessary)


(Please attach copies of any relevant documentation.  Please retain a copy of this form and any relevant documentation for your own records.)

Please note that we will process your personal data for the purposes of investigating your complaint and in line with our Privacy Notice available at


In the event I decide to escalate this complaint to the Financial Services Ombudsman or the Data Protection Commission I hereby consent to New Ross Credit Union releasing any information that may be requested.



______________________                            _________________

Signature of Complainant                            Date


For Internal Use Only:

Date Received: _________________           Staff Member: ______________________

This form to be brought to the attention of Complaints Officer on date of receipt.



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