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The Credit Union spirit of co-operation and community development is perhaps best demonstrated through the incredible contributions of thousands of volunteers at director, committee and local Credit Union level, who selflessly give their time and energy to the Credit Union movement. Credit Unions are a not for profit – ethical – member owned financial organisation.

NRCU exists for the benefits of its members. We rely a great deal on the services of our valued volunteers who commit tirelessly to the success and sustainability of our Credit Union.  These volunteers sit on the various Committees and our Board of Directors, so they are fundamental to our past, present and future.  Every credit union needs a team of volunteers dedicated to ensuring a strong and viable future for all of our members.

Finance, information technology, educational background, business owner, management, legal, marketing and communications skills are particularly welcome. However, any ability to make a contribution is appreciated.

Some of our active committees in NRCU:

  • Education, Community & Developing World Sponsorship Committee
  • IT Committee
  • Strategic Planning Committee
  • Investment Committee
  • Special Fund Committee

There are policies and training in place to support volunteers in their roles. In addition to the induction training program for all new volunteers, ongoing training is available and people are encouraged to develop various skills.

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